I write novels, stories, essays, plays and screenplays. I write using an unplanned process I call ‘streaming.’

The White Island Series

In writing White Island I unintentionally embarked upon a series of six novels that has resolved recently with the completion of The Final Act. I call this collection of works The White Island Series.

White Island is a standalone story, as is the book that followed, The Time Capsule, but it is necessary to have read both these works to understand the next novel, The Other Room. The following work, The Lost Man is another standalone story, so can be read independently, but to make sense of the penultimate work, The Dreamers it is necessary to have read all of the preceding four, and for the last story, The Final Act, the preceding five.

I would therefore recommend you read these stories in the following order:

- White Island
- The Time Capsule
- The Other Room
- The Lost Man
- The Dreamers
- The Final Act